The Lost Diary of Mary Magdalene


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The Lost Diary of Mary Magdalene by Johnny Teague

The Da Vinci Code raised many questions about Mary Magdalene. Even more salacious accusations have been made concerning her relationship with Jesus over the centuries. What is the Truth?

The Lost Diary of Mary Magdalene gathers the facts along with what has been discovered recently in archaeological digs in Magdala and Capernaum. This book reconstructs who this woman of mystery was and what role she played in the life of Jesus of Nazareth. Take this journey with her from her demon possession to the day she saw Jesus rise from the dead, all the way to her and her husband’s death at the hands of Nero.

The Truth can be found, the gaps can be filled. We can read the emotions as she would have written them. As the last page is read, the reader will tearfully appreciate Jesus and Mary Magdalene in a way never fathomed.


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