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Foreign Language Rights

If you are a publishing house interested in translating a title published under one of the imprints of Histria Books into a foreign language, please provide us with some basic information:
  • Full reference for the work (author, full title, ISBN and year of publication)
  • Initial print run and estimated local retail price
  • Target publication date
  • Some background information about your company and how you propose to sell and market the work
Requests to use content from books published under the imprints of Histria Books should be sent via email to rights@histriabooks.com.

Subsidiary Rights

For rights inquiries, including film, television, audio, serialization, book club, and paperback reprints, please email us at rights@histriabooks.com.
Please send all written correspondence to:
Rights and Permissions
Histria Books
7181 N. Hualapai Way, Ste. 130-86
Las Vegas, NV 89166 USA