Shattered Innocence: A Shared Global Shame

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A book that will change your view on the transnationally and transcriminality of slavery in plain sight in the 21st Century and how it is increasing exponentially. Christine Dolan is a real investigative journalist who first stepped into the world of human trafficking in 2000. “How old are the victims,” Christine asked a London cop in 2000. His answer changed the trajectory of her life – “infants.” When she dug deeper and walked through the doors of evil, she realized what she was up against, but boldly faced that evil no matter where the facts took her. She concluded, “evil is among us,” but if we look out of ourselves, we can see it to protect the most vulnerable – the children and those marginalized and those whose eyes are shut. Shattered Innocence – A Shared Global Shame brings the reader through a journey Dolan walked that opened her eyes and will open yours. The readers will grasp the depth and breadth of evil all the while negating the faces of humanity.
Christine Dolan is a broadcast and print investigative journalist, photographer, author, and recognized as one of the most seasoned investigators of human trafficking in the world. Her career has focused on US and international politics and policy, wars/conflicts, humanitarian disasters, terrorist and criminal networks. Since 2000, she has focused on human trafficking and terrorism worldwide on the street, and over the internet, as well as international politics and policy.


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