But She Looks Fine



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But She Looks Fine by Olivia Goodreau

So many young people are faced with life-changing hardships— from illness and disease to loss and calamity. What Olivia Goodreau discovers through her journey with chronic Lyme, and what she has been sharing with the world, is that inside of every predicament is also a possibility. This is the story of how Olivia turned the physical challenges and emotional hardships she had faced since she was a little girl into an engaged life of advocacy for others.

Olivia Goodreau is the founder of the LivLyme Foundation and inventor of the free global app, TickTracker. Olivia founded the LivLyme Foundation in 2017 when she was 12 years old, to raise money for children who cannot afford their Lyme medication and doctors’ visits, and to fund research to find a cure for Lyme and tick-borne diseases. Olivia hopes the LivLyme Foundation will positively impact those that suffer from all tick-borne diseases. As the inventor of TickTracker, she is striving to educate the public and keep people safe while creating a database for research.


“This book will make you stop in your tracks, pay attention, and captivate your heart in a deeply emotional way. It’s a story beyond Lyme disease – but a story about a child who grew up having to fight for her life.” —Ally Hilfiger

“The music world has Aretha, Cher, Madonna & Adele. The Lyme world has Olivia.” —Jeff Crater, Co-Founder Center for Lyme Action

“This young powerhouse knows what it means to start a movement from the grassroots level. She has been selfless and courageous in openly sharing her story. I’m so darn proud to be her Wingman…I’d follow her anywhere.” (Ret.) Colonel Nicole Malachowski, United States Air Force First Female U.S Air Force Thunderbird Pilot

“I think Olivia is an inspiration and she is my hero.” —Dr. Neils Spector, Duke University

“Olivia has been one of those people who generated a whole movement. She has raised awareness, her foundation has raised awareness, and really something people did not think about, but now they do. And it’s because of Olivia.” —Dianne DeGette, U. S Representative of Colorado

“Olivia is a ten plus year survivor, a true inspiration and has done more in her short life so far, than most ever do in a lifetime.” —Ryan Sutter, ABC’s Bachelorette TV Show

“I want to thank you for all the great work you are doing.” —Mark Hamil, Actor

“Young people are changing the world – and Olivia is proof” —Sheryl Sandburg, Chief Operating Office at Facebook

“As a fearless advocate and compassionate friend to all whom she inspires, Olivia emerges as a voice for a marginalized, abandoned, suffering patient populations. She is the hope and voice of the future.” —Susan Green, Legislative Counsel at NatCap Lyme

Imprint: Gaudium
approx. 140 pp., 6 x 9 in. (229 x 152 mm)
Date of Publication: May 9, 2023
ISBN 978-1592112104
US$24.99 UK£21.99


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