Reflections on the Impact of the French Revolution 1789, de Tocqueville, and Romanian Culture



by Alexandru Zub

This book is an English version of La sfarsit de ciclu, a series of essays on the consequences of the French Revolution for nineteenth and twentieth century culture and civilization, especially that of the Romanian lands, by one of modern Romania’s leading historians, Academician Alexandru Zub. This translation, the first of Zub’s remarkable contributions to historical scholarship to appear in English, makes available to an international audience his analysis of the complex of problems initiated by the French Revolution (as they have played out over the last two centuries), of the prophetic perceptions of the Revolution elaborated by Alexis de Tocqueville, and of the impact of the “moment of 1789” and de Tocqueville on Romanian culture.

The book is edited by Professor Paul E. Michelson, an American specialist on nineteenth century Romanian history and a scholar intimately familiar with Romanian historiography, who also provides an introduction to Alexandru Zub and his work for foreign readers in an informative preface.

Alexandru Zub is currently director of the A.D. Xenopol Institute of History in Iasi. One of Romania’s most distinguished historians, Zub is a member of the Romanian Academy and author of numerous books and articles on Romanian history and historiography.

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