Essays on Romanian History by Radu R. Florescu



Essays on Romanian History by Radu R. Florescu

The studies included in this volume: Geo-Political Background; The Formation of a Nation from the Earliest Times to Burebista; The Struggle between Decebal and Trajan; Medieval Survival: the Enigma of the Middle Ages; Prince Negru — Founder of the First Romanian Principality; The Search for Dracula; Vlad Dracul II (1436-1442, 1443-1447); Vlad III The Impaler (or Dracula) (1448, 1456-1462, 1476) — Tactician of Terror or National Hero; The Origins of the Dragon Symbol; Dracula in the Romanian Literature; The Dracula Image in Folklore; Captain John Smith and Romania (1580-1631); Michael the Brave (1593-1601); Dimitrie Cantemir and the Battle of Stanilesti (1710-1711); The Uniate Church; The Phanariot Regime; Horea, Closca, and Crisan: Peasants in Arms: 1784-1785; Romania and the Russo-Turkish War of 1806-1812; The Reglement Organique (1828-1834); The Wallachian Revolution of 1848; The Romanian Principalities and the Origins of the Crimean War; Decision-making under Cuza: Baligot de Beyne (1820-1884); General Ion Emanoil Florescu: Father of the Romanian Army 1817-1893; Elena Cuza: Neglected Woman and Wife (1825-1909); Dumitru Florescu: A Forgotten Pioneer in the History of Romanian Music (1827-1875); Diplomatic and Military Preparation for the War of 1877-1878; The Impact of 1878 on Romania; Romanian Influences upon the Ottoman Tanzimat; United Romania 1918-1919; King Ferdinand I (1865-1927): An Intimate View; King Carol and Lupescu; Mircea Eliade’s Contribution to History; Constantin Giurescu: Romanian Historian and Historian of Romania; The Origin and Development of Science in Romania; Bucharest: An Overview; The Influence of Bible Societies on the Romanian Language; and Czecho-Romanian Relations.

The author, Radu R. Florescu, is professor of history at Boston College since 1953. He received his B.A. and M.A. degrees from Christ Church, Oxford University in Great Britain, before moving to the United States where he completed his Ph.D. at Indiana University. Professor Florescu is the author of several other books on Romanian and East European history, including The Struggle against Russia in the Romanian Principalities, Dracula: Prince of Many Faces, and In Search of Dracula.

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