The Downfall of China or CCP 3.0?



The Downfall of China or CCP 3.0? by Niklas Hageback

The Downfall of China or CCP 3.0? is a book for everyone that aspires to understand the enigmatic Middle Kingdom which has become so mighty that its domestic affairs are bound to play out also globally. In the aftermath of the Chinese Coronavirus outbreak, which has caused worldwide devastation, the author describes why we now have arrived at a critical junction. The path chosen by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will decide whether it will face an impending downfall, or yet again can manage to transform itself radically and weather the storm.

China has faced similar transformative moments before when the CCP cleverly managed to re-invent itself from its former hardcore Marxist dogmatism, which produced nothing but misery and impoverishment, commencing with the downfall of communism in Eastern Europe from 1989 onward. This CCP 2.0 was labeled socialism with Chinese characteristics, where a carefully staged semi-market capitalism was introduced and saved the CCP from its Eastern European peers’ demise. Now, the state commanded semi-market economy is showing signs of stagnation and coming to standstill, exacerbated through an ongoing trade war with the US and China is at a crossroads. Is the downfall of China imminent or can the Chinese Communist Party reinvent itself and create CCP 3.0?

Niklas Hageback has an extensive background in psychology, working with behavioral finance, modeling irrational collective behavior at tier-one financial institutions, and consulting firms, such as Deutsche Bank, KPMG, and Goldman Sachs. His previous works include the bestseller, The Death Drive: Why Societies Self-Destruct.


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