Pirin Planina – Tragic and Comic Episodes from Captivity



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Classics of Romanian Literature, Volume III


Pirin Panina by George Topîrceanu
Illustrated by Olga Rogozenco

In Pirin Planina: Tragic and Comic Episodes from Captivity, Romanian poet and writer George Topîrceanu (1886-1937) described his experiences as a soldier during World War I. Despite his bleak surroundings and vivid descriptions of death and tragedy that he witnessed, Topîrceanu managed to find humor in the most unusual circumstances, making Pirin Planina a truly unique account of the War. His experiences will leave the reader perplexed.

While fighting in the battle of Turtucaia in September 1916, Topîrceanu fell captive to the Bulgarian army. After a series of adventures, he ended up in a prison camp at the base of the Pirin Mountains. There, he fought for survival in one of the harshest environments imaginable. But the hardships he faced within the camp could not stifle the satirical spirit for which he is famous in Romanian literature. Topîrceanu’s unique blend of drama, tragedy, and humor will immerse the reader into the world of a soldier during World War I.

Born in Bucharest, Romania, on March 21, 1886, George Topîrceanu became famous for his poetry, prose, parodies, and satire. He moved to Iași in 1911, and it became his adopted home. There, he became a leader of the most important literary movement in the country centered around the journal Viața Românească. His distinct poetry received critical acclaim, and he became a member of the Romanian Academy in 1936. He died on May 7, 1937, but his works are still taught in Romanian schools, where they are a mandatory part of the curriculum.

Readers around the world now have a chance to discover the genius of George Topîrceanu for the first time in this third volume in the Classics of Romanian Literature series from the Center for Romanian Studies.

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