Paying the Price: The Untold Story of the Iranian Resistance



Paying the Price: The Untold Story of the Iranian Resistance by L Todd Wood

“The mess hall was 60×30 meters; it had a stage, from which 12 ropes hung and underneath each rope there was a chair. The groups of prisoners they brought in would rush to jump on the chair; they had very high moral. They would shout, “Hail to the MEK!, before they were executed…

What if there was a story that had never been told, a story that spanned almost five decades, a story that involved the great conflict between the superpowers, a story that would enchant the reader with great drama, pain, suffering, and resilience, and was literally a story that could change the world? And what if it was all completely true?

The People’s Mujahadeen of Iran, or Mujuhadeen e Khalk, (PMOI/MEK) are the least understood resistance force in the world, they are also the most-maligned, due to overt campaigns against them by Iran’s Mullahs and even the West. Almost no one knows their true story. This is a tale of resistance against the Shah during the 1970s, to betrayal by the American government in the last decade. The story involves the Reagan administration to the Biden White House, who is Hell-bent on giving Iran nuclear weapons. It is a narrative of shocking abuse, mass murder, and a refusal to yield to evil, no matter the cost. It is a story that will open the eyes of the reader and could literally change the world with regime change in Iran in the recognizable future.

The book is full of emotion, drama, and first-person accounts of the horror of torture and execution. It is also a narrative of the amazing determination these people have shown as they have persevered through decades of defamation by the West, and persecution by the Mullahs. The story stell of a movement to bring tolerant Islam to the world, run by a woman…the horror!

We will tell the 40-year story of the PMOI/MEK in this timely, shocking, heartbreaking description of the brave group of people determined to bring freedom to Iran, where over 120,000 have been executed by the regime.

Todd is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy. He has been an aeronautical engineer and an Air Force pilot. In the Air Force he flew for the 20th Special Operations Squadron which started Desert Storm.
For eighteen years he was an international bond trader with expertise in Emerging Markets. He has conducted business in over forty countries.
Todd has a keen understanding of politics and international finance. He is a national security columnist for the Washington Times. He has also contributed in the past to One America News, Newsmax TV, Fox Business, NY Post, The Moscow Times.

Imprint: Vindicta
6 x 9 in. (229 x 152 mm)
Date of Publication: September 19, 2023
ISBN 9781592113507
US$29.99 UK£27.99


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