At Medeleni – A Summer in Moldavia

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Classics of Romanian Literature, Volume II

by Ionel Teodoreanu
Translated by Eugenia Farca
Introduction by A.K. Brackob

At Medeleni is classic work of Romanian literature and a wonderful novel for all ages. Ionel Teodoreanu captivates your mind and your heart and places you alongside his memorable characters: Olga, Monica, and Dan.

Much of the book concerns the brother-sister rivalry and the role of Monica, and Olguţa’s annoyance at the unfair treatment of girls, not least because she is something of a tomboy. The siblings are continually fighting and Monica feels she has to take Olguţa’s part in female solidarity, but she also has a strong attachment to Dânuţ. Dânuţ, as the solitary male, often lives in his own world, imagining life as a sultan or Robinson Crusoe or even a vampire, though happy to come out and fight his sister.

A novel full of warmth, wit, love, and the pursuit of dreams, the story takes place during the early 20th century. It is a delightful account of brother-sister rivalry, and the life of a generally happy, easy-going family in rural Moldavia.

Ionel Teodoreanu wrote more than twenty books during his prolific literary career, including the classic Lorelei, but At Medeleni remains his most beloved work. In it, the author drew on his experiences growing up in rural Moldavia. Published as a trilogy, At Medeleni: A Summer in Moldavia is a translation of volume 1 of the trilogy, titled in Romanian, Hotarul Nestatornic. The illustrated edition of At Medeleni is part of the Classics of Romanian Literature series published by the Center for Romanian Studies as part of its efforts to promote access to Romanian culture in the world. It includes an introduction by A.K. Brackob.

Imprint: Center for Romanian Studies
approx. 312 pp., 6 x 9 in. (229 x 152 mm), Illustrated
Date of Publication November 23, 2021
ISBN 978-1-59211-110-7
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