Americans and Queen Marie of Romania


Americans and Queen Marie of Romania is a collection of documents that vividly illustrates the queen’s relationships with two remarkable Americans, George Huntington and Ray Baker Harris. It contains insightful material about royalty, politics, and life in inter-war Europe.


Americans and Queen Marie of Romania – A Selection of Documents

Diana Fotescu, editor

Granddaughter of Queen Victoria of England and Tsar Alexander II of Russia, Marie (1875-1938) became princess of Romania through her marriage to Ferdinand of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, crown prince of Romania on 29 December 1892. She became queen of Romania, her adopted country, on 11 October 1914 when Ferdinand assumed the throne following the death of King Carol I. Queen Marie became known worldwide for her charitable efforts and her work nursing wounded soldiers on the front lines during World War I. She also took part in the political and diplomatic efforts that led to Romanian national unification in 1918. This collection of documents helps to reveal important aspects of the life and personality of this remarkable twentieth-century monarch.

This collection of documents, comprised of three parts, illustrates the queen’s relationships with two remarkable Americans. The first selection is the diary of George Huntington, an American professor who visited Queen Marie, together with his family, in 1925. The second part, compiled by the British writer Hector Bolitho, presents the correspondence between Queen Marie and an American admirer, Ray Baker Harris. This text contains extensive quotes from the queen’s letters to the young American. The final section is a selection of letters written by Ray Baker Harris to the queen. Ray Baker Harris, later a librarian at the Library of Congress, compiled an extensive collection of materials relating to the Romanian queen and later donated them to the archives of Kent State University in Ohio.

Americans and Queen Marie of Romania is edited by Diana Fotescu, a researcher at the Cotroceni Museum in Bucharest, Romania, the former royal palace where Queen Marie lived. She compiled the materials presented in this volume during her work in the archives at Kent State University in Ohio and the National Central Archives in Bucharest, Romania.

“…this is a well-edited and produced book, illustrated with some intriguing and rarely seen photographs” — David Horbury, Royalty Digest: A Journal of Record

Americans and Queen Marie of Romania is one of the most fascinating and interesting books that I have read in a long time” — Marlene Koenig, Royal Book News.

Date of Publication: 1998
Language: English
286 pp., 152 x 229 mm
19 Black and White Photographs, Index
ISBN 978-973-98391-0-5 Hardcover

Date of Publication: March 16, 2021
ISBN 978-1-59211-083-4 Paperback
19 Black and White Photographs, Index

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