Michael Contarino- Switzerland

Michael Contarino

Michael Contarino, received his Ph.D. in Political Science from Harvard, and he has taught at several universities in Italy, Switzerland, Britain and the USA. Mike was the founding director of the UNH-Manchester Politics and Society Program, and he also established and directed two academic programs in Italy for the University of New Hampshire. He served as Senior Foreign Policy Advisor, speechwriter and ghostwriter to a major US presidential candidate, as Book Review Editor of an academic journal, and as an Economic Affairs Officer for the United Nations. He speaks five languages.

Mike lives in Switzerland with his Finnish wife Leena, their American German Shepard who thinks he’s a Labrador, Kofi, and their Vulcan cat, Mr. Parker. In 2021 Mike completed two novels, The Environmental Alarmist (a political satire) and My Father’s Century (a historical novel, based on his own father’s life story). He currently is working on another satire tentatively entitled Propaganda for Poets. All of his creative writing explores, with humor and levity, the human penchant for self-deception.


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December 9, 2022

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