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Alicia Shevetone

Chef, author, and television personality Alicia Shevetone is the creator of DINK Cuisine (Dual Income No Kids) where there are no leftovers, cooking is easy, and you leave the kitchen with a smile. She curates customized cooking experiences across print, digital, social media, and live media. Alicia’s ambition is to become the culinary voice for couples of all flavors. She is a frequent guest on lifestyle television programs, and a provocative writer on topics ranging from overeating due to overcooking and the reduction of food waste through portion control. Food With Spirit is her third book, with plans to begin work on a fourth later this year. Her first book, Italian Cookbook for Two recalibrates the home cook’s bountiful concept of Abbondanza by rightsizing portions for smaller households. In keeping with her Italian roots, Shevetone’s easy-to-follow recipes are made with accessible ingredients and masterfully presented to impress the most discriminating palates.
Shevetone’s second book, Vegetarian Ketogenic Cookbook for Beginners features seventy-five recipes and a fourteen-day meal plan for healthy living. The combination of vegetarian and keto recipes in this book comes with easily digestible (pun intended) abbreviations to help the reader distinguish between vegan, dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, nut- free, and soy-free choices.

Shevetone brings her passion for cooking as a regular guest on the Fox5 MORE show. MORE is Las Vegas’ highest rated lifestyle program in a market of approximately 758,000 homes. Shevetone appears several times a month where she shares her delectable recipes created over years in the kitchen as only, she can, with flair and panache. Her appearances can be found on the Fox5 Las Vegas website and the DINK Cuisine YouTube channel. In addition to her Fox5 appearances, Shevetone has shared recipes from Italian Cookbook for Two on Las Vegas’ NBC affiliate KSNV. Alicia hosts events all over Las Vegas and recently taught at Sur La Table. Some of her sponsors include Sushify, Amore, CalMur, Zulay Kitchen, WildGrain, and Pinkbox donuts.


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December 9, 2022

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