The Wingless Pigeon



The Wingless Pigeon by Bella J.K.

Sukoon, a peace-loving, honest pigeon, has only one wish! To meet a true friend that believes and trusts in him completely.

Every day he prays hopes that his wish will come true. One day he comes across a strong, but friendly and funny golden-maned lion named Bharosa. The bond between the pigeon and the lion soon turns into love and understanding, taking them on the adventure of mutual discovery and understanding of each other’s worlds.

Unknowingly, their loyalty and trust for each other, is greatly tested and threatened by the menacing dark shadows of doubt and jealousy. Especially when Bharosa discovers to his horror, the hair from his golden mane seems to be disappearing.

Bharosa decides to teach Sukoon a lesson.

Will Bharosa be successful in his mission or will his vengeance prove a high price to pay?

S Sameera Iradat (pseudonym Bella JK) lives in and was born in Karachi, Pakistan. The earlier part of her life and studies was spent in Africa where the exquisite wilderness around, instilled in her an imaginative propensity and love for the rugged, fresh, and the Original. Later in Pakistan, she acquired a Masters’ degree in Physical Chemistry and is now an experienced teacher who enjoys teaching Chemistry to students of Secondary class level.

When she is not teaching her favorite pastime is reading and writing stories including Novels, Novellas, and short stories of adventure, fantasy, suspense, mystery and romance, and other genres, as well as writing poetry and non-fiction. One of her short stories entitled The Robin and The White Rose has been successfully published in the UK. She is an avid reader and admirer of classic English novels and takes interest in musing over certain self-help books on philosophy and spiritual enlightenment. Her favorite sport is Soccer and she loves to do a little bit of sketching, painting, and cooking.

Imprint: Histria Kids
approx. 140 pp., 8 x 10in. 
Date of Publication: October 10, 2023
ISBN 9781592113149
US$27.99 UK£25.99


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