The Silver Bullet: Is it time to end the World War on Drugs?

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The Silver Bullet: Is it time to end the World War on Drugs? by James E. Gierach

What’s been missing the past 30 years that prevented voters and leaders from hearing or acting upon the Gierach call —and the Civil Society call—for legalized, controlled and regulated drugs and drug markets? Why the public repulsion from the Silver Bullet Solution to the many-tentacled, drug-prohibition monster?

    • Have you lost a child to fentanyl or heroin overdose?
    • Are you worried about losing a loved one to a drug addiction or drug accident?
    • Is your neighborhood threatened by violent crime and gangs?
    • Is it safe for your child to get to school, go to the park, or play outside?
    • Do you live in a safe, suburban neighborhood but yet feel like you need a firearm to be “safe” in your own home, car, or traveling on a big-city expressway?
    • Do you believe the World War on Drugs (62 years old) has been a dismal failure and ongoing drug seizures by the ton are evidence of that failure?
    • Regardless of color, does it anger you that Blacks, Latinos, and poor Whites are sitting in American prisons for drug crimes at disparate rates?
    • Did you know that drug prohibition causes needless bullet holes and that “bullet-hole healthcare” greatly contributes to an unaffordable healthcare system—whether called Obamacare, Trumpcare or Single-Payer?

This book offers answers to these challenges, and it broadcasts the idea that there is something “YOU CAN DO” about it. You can help the new public opinion evolve.

James E. Gierach is a retired Chicago-area attorney, former Cook County prosecutor, and drug policy reformer.



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