Crimson Scimitar



Crimson Scimitar by S.P. Grogan

**the awakening epic novel of our times**
A fast-paced epic of suspense, mysterious clue solving, political intrigue, terrorist plots of bombings and nuclear poisonings, romantic entanglements of strong women, a legal adventure of The Trial of the Century: this is the historical thriller intertwined with actual events of 2011 and no-holds-barred critical commentary on Hollywood culture and social media. The ‘What if?’ epic novelWhat if, in 2011, Osama bin Laden, the al Qaeda jihadist terrorist, was captured instead of killed? What would a trial in the U.S. judicial system look like?And what if the ones who captured him were stars of a reality TV show trying to boost their ratings?And what if when bin Laden was captured al Qaeda was planning an attack on the United States, worse than 9/11? Who do you think will come to the rescue?
Finally, would you cheer for a young al-Qaeda jihadist who might bring peace to the Mideast?



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