A Tale of Two Villains – Theme and Symbolism in Dracula and the Harry Potter Saga




by Calvin H. Cherry

The millions of fans of Dracula and Harry Potter consist of all ages and varied enthusiasm, ranging from a curious reader or leisure cinema observer to seriously devoted academic scholars. However, followers of each universe have been chiefly segregated – rarely mingling apart from an occasional culture convention, dominated by Star Wars, Star Trek, and Marvel heroes’ groupies. But Stoker and Rowling readers have a lot in common because Count Dracula and Lord Voldemort have much in common. These two internationally acclaimed bestselling novels possess a remarkable kinship.

Prepare to be delightfully surprised to discover that the godfather of all vampires and the infamous dark wizard share a deep character bond that goes far beyond the title ‘monster.’ Be intrigued to uncover what a coffin and a horcrux share or to dig further to unearth that the often-overlooked scars which Bram Stoker wrote of in Victorian England are just as significant as those described by J.K. Rowling in the modern era. Indeed, it cannot be mere coincidence that Dracula is born in 1897 and 100 years later, Harry is too.

A Tale of Two Villains is a love letter to both sets of fans paying homage to two superb authors and their extraordinary respective works, setting both masterpieces on pedestals, side by side for the first time, exploring their similar themes, unique parallelism, and mystical symbolism. The author delves profoundly into the interesting characters, their traits, conflicts, and motivations, to show how literary art is born. This book is a must for any Stoker or Rowling fan. Calvin H. Cherry is the author of STOKER: Evolution of a Vampire and fantasy and horror scholar.

Imprint: Gaudium Publishing
approx. 296 pp., 6 x 9 in. (229 x 152 mm)
Date of Publication: October 18, 2022
ISBN 978-1-59211-167-1
US$27.99 UK£24.99


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