Romania at the Paris Peace Conference by Sherman David Spector now available from Histria Books

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Histria Books is pleased to announce the release of the paperback and eBook editions of Romania at the Paris Peace Conference: A Study of the Diplomacy of Ioan I.C. Brătianu by Sherman David Spector. The book is published by the Center for Romanian Studies, an independent academic research institute, based in the United States, whose mission is to promote knowledge and understanding of Romanian history and culture in the world. Titles from the Center for Romanian Studies are published exclusively by Histria Books.

Romania at the Paris Peace Conference studies the diplomacy of Ioan I.C. Brătianu during World War I and in its aftermath that led to the formation of Greater Romania. The book describes the successful struggle waged by the Romanian government for recognition of the provisions of the secret treaty of 1916 and, in addition, for approval of the de facto annexation of Bessarabia, carried out in 1918 with the encouragement of the Central Powers. A substantial share of the credit for this achievement, Spector asserts, must be given to Ioan I.C. Brătianu, a skillful negotiator who answered all attempts to delineate more equitable frontiers with a rigid restatement of Romania’s full claims.

Sherman David Spector was a professor of history at Russell Sage College in New York. A noted American specialist on the history of the Romanians, his other works include A History of the Balkan Peoples (with Rene Ristelhueber).

Romania at the Paris Peace Conference: A Study of the Diplomacy of Ioan I.C. Brătianu, 358 pp., Hardcover, ISBN 978-1-59211-206-7, (illustrated, map, index) is available at and all major book retailers. It is also available as an eBook. Titles published under the various imprints of Histria Books are distributed worldwide by the Independent Publishers Group. For information on publishing with Histria Books, please visit or contact us at

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