The Enchanted Wind




by Tanya Volkova
Illustrated by Galia Zinko

This wonderful story happened the day when Inka, angry with her mother, decided to hide from her, or even to leave completely. She wanted her mother to regret the quarrel and finally realize how it would be to live without her daughter.
“I’ll disappear! I don’t want such a mom!”- the girl hadn’t even finished this thought when her wish was granted. Inka found herself in an old swamp, and the Dark ones were already waiting for her in the thick fog. They were servants of wicked Fria – a bloodthirsty witch. Many years ago she had seized power in a land that used to be beautiful, called the Windy Lands, and was destroying the lives of all its residents.
The formerly blooming and colorful world had become a sullen, cold and lifeless place under Fria’s curse. All the magical creatures were suffering from fear and loneliness, hiding from the witch in their small, secluded burrows. No one could fight against the evil that had been let loose in the fairyland.
Inka had to be very brave to find her way back home from this inhospitable world – the way back to her mother. The incredible adventures test her courage to the limit. Her new friends help her discover her true nature and her good heart. And the magic of the Windy Lands captures the imagination of every reader.

If you miss reading about wonders and riddles, step into the pages of this book filled with enchanting illustrations by Galia Zinko, whose style is called “the children’s gothic” by her fans. Enjoy a brilliant fairy world and solve mysteries. If you pay attention and use your senses, you’ll feel the magic all around you.

The author, Tanya Volkova, is a writer, editor, and also a mother of a wonderful girl Inga, who adores fairy tales. Together with her family, Tanya loves to travel around the world and also to discover wonders created by nature and humans. Before writing stories for children, Tanya was a successful journalist, working surrounded by talented and creative people. She was the chief editor of several magazines and newspapers for over 10 years, and after the birth of her daughter she published her own free magazine for parents, with articles on children’s health and education.

The artist, Galia Zinko is a professional Ukraine Illustrator who won prestigious book illustration awards. She graduated from the State Academy of Design and Fine Arts in Kharkov.  Today she has illustrated more than 30 books, which were published in different languages globally. Books with her illustrations have been exhibited in Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Frankfurter Buchmess, etc.

Valeria Sedova is a translator and children’s poetry writer. She lives with her husband, two sons and two ginger cats in a small city, working as an English teacher for children of all ages, writing poems and translating different pieces of literature. She’s also fond of reading, doing all kinds of crafts and playing ukulele.


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