The Duck Book




The Duck Book by Kenneth Kuenster

The Duck Book is a picture book aimed at children of all ages, and their parents. It is designed to encourage dialogue between kids and parents, and to bring laughter and entertainment. It is filled with absurd questions and situations, like “Have you ever made a giraffe laugh?” combined with just such a picture, or “Have you ever grown a carrot too big for your pet pig?” Again, with a picture. Also, “Have you ever shared a cake with a snake?” Now beginning to explore fear of all kinds, but lightly. All the many situations allow kids to expand their imaginations. like “Do you sometimes get ahead of yourself?” Pictured on a trapeze, or “If you could fly would you land in a cherry pie?” with a very messy illustration.

Absurdity is the key word, and the situations are flexible, and hopefully always funny, and unlimited in variety, for example, “Can you hoot like an owl?”, or do you share hot dogs with friendly frogs?” Or “If you pull a whale’s tail, do you go to whale jail?”

Kenneth Kuenster has written three novels. He is also a visual artist. His fiction and his visual art influence each other. The subject matter of his novels is art and artists of all kinds. He has spent much time in Europe, where many of the stories in his fiction take place. He has BFA and MFA degrees from Yale.

Imprint: Histria Kids
34 pp., 8 x 10 in, full color
Date of Publication: January 17, 2023
ISBN 978-159211-208-1


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