Taking Care



Taking Care by Ed. N. White

An inspiring story that’s easy to read but will not soon be forgotten.

Middle age, easy-going bachelor Dexter Phillips intends to write his first novel. His live-in girlfriend, Marilyn, departs Connecticut to be with her ailing mother in Arizona. He’s unsure if she
will return.
Dexter has a shoebox full of photos to frame his book using these pictures anecdotally for the bones of the story. He needs a better writing environment and goes to a Staples store to purchase a new desk chair.
He meets a young salesgirl, Emma, who later shows up at his door with the warranty she forgot to give him. He invites her for tea and wonders, “Does this warranty warrant a visit?” And the adventures begin.

Taking Care is a story of hope and charity, friendship and passion, laughter and tears. A cross-generational saga of good people who care about each other.

Ed N. White attended Brown University, graduated from the University of Iowa, and has an M.A. from the University of Rhode Island. A cross-genre writer, his short stories have appeared in The Scarlet Leaf Review, Wordgathering, Close to the Bone and other national and international journals. In addition, he is the creator of the middle-grade mystery series Miss Demeanor, pseudonymously authored by Celia J.

Imprint: Addison & Highsmith
approx. 200 pp., 6 x 9 in. (229 x 152 mm)
Date of Publication: November 28, 2023
ISBN 9781592113460
US$27.99 UK£24.99


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