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A Reluctant Agnostic’s Reading of the Holy Bible by Tom Bennett

The Bible is arguably the greatest masterpiece of literature ever produced. But what makes it great? Who decides whether it is great, accurate or valid? Is one opinion or interpretation better than another?

These are questions that are best left to the experts…right? Aging Gracelessly is the culmination of an 18-month study by the author to read the Bible, analyzing it from the perspective of a reluctant agnostic… and hopefully find in it a much anticipated inner peace. It is a genuine attempt to investigate the “Good Book” without the bias and influence of others.

The author delves into each book of the Bible and relates the experience with an unusual honesty and candor. He is looking for peace… and possibly salvation… and, like C. S. Lewis, fully expects to get off his agnostic fence to join the two billion other Christian adherents who consider the Bible the ultimate handbook for the soul. Along the way, he discusses with himself many of the facets of our intangible existence; things like good vs evil, reality vs wishful thinking, faith vs brainwashing, and ignorance vs stupidity.

Aging Gracelessly raises as many questions as it addresses…and it will make even the most vigorous believers among us think about what we believe.

Tom Bennett hails from Southwest Wisconsin where he has lived for most of his life. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin (fine arts), a painter in oils and watercolors, an amateur astronomer, and a life-long guitar player/recordist/songwriter.

Imprint: Gaudium Publishing
approx. 228 pp., 6 x 9 in. (229 x 152 mm)
Date of Publication: November 29, 2022
ISBN 978-159211-1800
US$29.99 UK£24.99


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