Reaching for Independence



Reaching for Independence by Barbara Youree

Reaching for Independence is both about war and about love. Conflicts are set in the nineteenth century during Greece’s chaotic War for Independence from the Ottoman Turks.

Historic heroes include:

    • Laskarina Bouboulina- a fearless widow who launches the Revolution with her own merchant ships
    • Lord Byron- the British who uses his wealth and successful military talents to support the Greek forces

Widowed Dr. Mikos and his two teen-aged daughters, Zoe and Lyrica, move from Hydra Island to Greece’s mainland Nafplio to establish a hidden clinic. The sitting room of their home has been converted to another clinic for the less-critical wounded soldiers. The girls tend to them during the day.

Although betrothed to Captain Philip Kalivas, Zoe realizes she has feelings for his younger brother Iscos when he is brought wounded to her home.

As Greece throws off the Turkish yoke, and Nafplio becomes the first capital of the newly independent nation, the actions and choices of the main characters could cause a civil war.

It’s a story about family, love, betrayal, and grief.

Following a career teaching French and English, Barbara Youree began writing. Her work covers several different genres, but the most acclaimed book is the narrative nonfiction, Courageous Journey, about two Sudanese young men whom she mentored during their first year in the United States. It was chosen as a finalist in the 2008 USA Today Best Books. President Jimmy Carter wrote one of the praise blurbs on the back cover.

In her private life, Youree enjoys traveling. With her interest in art of all kinds, she has served as a docent at two large museums and dabbled in some art herself.


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